NYC 77

January 1st, 1977

Detective Todesco walks toward the phone. "I have to call this in."

Don grabs at him. "Nobody's supposed to be behind here!"

Todesco holds up his badge. "I'm a cop!"

"That don't mean shit here," says Don.

A contest of wills ensues. Don grabs the phone cord out of the wall. "All right. I'll remember this," threatens Todesco as he walks towards the door.

Boggs goes out the side door and waits for Todesco on the street. At the same time, Raven stands up from her table and follows Todesco out the door. Doc heads into the back room to find the bar's other phone.

Don follows the detective out. "You know you're interfering with an investigation?" Todesco asks.

"I'm going out for a smoke," Don replies. "What's your fucking problem?" He notices that Todesco keeps his hand in his jacket as he walks past Don, towards the pay phone at the end of the block.

Quickly, Boggs and Raven work out a routine to convince Todesco that they are fighting in front of the pay phone. Raven pretends to insult Boggs, who swings at her with his pipe and misses, hitting the phone. They begin play-fighting in front of the smashed phone.

Don sees this from around the corner. Todesco stops, not believing their performance. "What's your problem, man?" asks Boggs. "Get the fuck out of here!"

Realizing he's outnumbered, Todesco takes off. Meanwhile, Doc calls up Daryl Alexander, his friend who owns a pet crematorium. He tries to convince him to help Doc dispose of Paddy's body in the crematorium, off the books.

Daryl is unimpressed by Doc's offer. "What's in it for me?"

"It's a favor for the neighborhood," Doc says. "You don't have to get involved. All you need to do is leave the door open and set the burner. We'll clean up everything afterwards and throw in some money. You can choose to ignore it, let it happen behind your back, and get a little payday; or you can make some enemies."

This seems to convince Daryl. Doc returns to the bar to let the owners know what he has arranged. "Why are we discussing this body business out here in the bar?" asks Boggs. He points to the back room.

The group meets in the backroom to discuss their next move. "What's your name?" Boggs asks Don.


"Donald, you got a gym bag?" asks Boggs. He asks Don about his car. Don tells him he has a Cadillac parked on the street a few blocks away from the bar.

"We could just move the body in a trashcan," Doc suggests.

"Yeah," says Don. "We'll do that."

"So you got the money?" asks Doc. "You gonna pay the guy?" Don assures him that his people will pay.

Raven and Boggs decide to go to Paddy's apartment. As they go to leave, everyone hears sirens outside the bar. The police have arrived in force. Ray tells Don that he needs to escort Raven and Boggs out of the building.

The cops form a perimeter around the building, while officers come inside and ask the people in the bar their names, what time they arrived, and what they saw. After questioning, they let the patrons leave.

The group leaves the bar for Paddy's apartment. Hades and Crow agree to stand watch outside. The apartment is on a two-lane street, narrower and more residential than the street the bar is on. Next door is a laundromat. Caddy-corner across the street is a stationery supply store. The apartment building is a large one, with what seems to be a lot of residents.

The street is mostly empty, but there are a few people out. Boggs checks his 9mm as they approach the apartment. Raven presses all the call buttons. "Chinese delivery!" Someone buzzes them in.

The group books it up the stairs to 4C. As they round the corner on the fourth floor, they see two kids playing in front of the next door apartment. "Scram!" yells Boggs. The children begin banging on the door to their apartment, begging to be let back in.

As soon as the children's mother shuts their door, Boggs busts down the door. The group searches for the box while Boggs looks for things which are easy to burn. The apartment is fairly clean, but does not contain a lot of furniture. In Paddy's desk drawer, Raven finds photos of Paddy and a dark-haired girl. On the back it says "Marie, Paddy Oct. 1976." It also lists some locations.

No one is able to find a metal case matching the description that they were given. Raven searches the trash can and finds a crumpled-up gym receipt for a downtown gym called Fontana's (a place which Don boxes at). On the back of the receipt is the number 14. "A locker number?" wonders Boggs.

Raven finds five $100 bills, but they decide because the feel isn't right that they must be counterfeit. Meanwhile, Boggs is trying to find an accelerant to burn down the apartment (and therefore cover up any evidence). The others leave via the fire escape. On their way out, they pull the fire alarm.

The group climbs down the fire escape. Despite leaving last, Boggs passes the others on his way down. Down the street, Hades signals to the others: the police are arriving. A police officer gets out of the car just as people are running out of the building. "What the hell is going on here?"

"An apartment's on fire up there!" says Raven. "The whole floor is going up!"

"We were at a party," Boggs puts in helpfully.

"We were at a party!" Raven reiterates.

"Okay, wait over there," the officer tells them. As they cross the street, they notice that a man standing against a building on the other side is staring at them. They recognize him: it is Todesco. He walks back down the street, crosses, and opens a car door. Don makes note of the car's make and license plate: it is a 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, brown, with whitewall tires. The plate is CX9-342.

The group runs to their car and goes to leave. They head for the gym.


Baalek Baalek

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